Howdy - The Bavarian "Western Lifestyle"​ from Ratisbon, is the Best!

Smart reports & photographics, von/by Johann A.G. Baloghy - ARTIS DIVERSIS

With great pleasure I visited the COWBOY-CLUB REGENSBRG as guest during my bike tour, in the region, on Saturday, the 12.10.2019.

It was not only eventful to entertain myself with cowgirls and cowboys from Regensburg in such an authentic American Old West atmosphere, informing me about the upcoming events, but also to be able to relive again impressively the warm Bavarian hospitality in Ratisbon!


With a very good mood!


The well-organized OPEN STAGE, on the 24th NOV.2019, remains an unforgettable great experience, on which I had a lot of fun!

A rich western music score is an integral part of the community, including various native American folk and country music and also a lot of other international contextual genres.

Here are some of my impressions and my favorites of the event mentioned above, selected on the basis of the following criterias:

1. Artistic expressiveness and originality, 2. Selection of the repertoire, 3. Variations and specific, creative and musical accents, 4. Harmonizing and contextual gesture of the artists, 5. Integration in the stage design, 6. Audience applause and reactions.


On the 1st place.:

RAMBLERS BLUES BAND - Power, dynamics, diversity! - Band Members: Fred, Mario, Ralf, Roland - Genre: Bluesrock

On the Place 2.:

EASY FRIENDS - Stylish, authentic, romantic! - Band Members: Johann, Ismail - Genre: American Style Folk & Country

On the Place 3.:

ERNST KARL - Classic, contemplative, meditative! - Band Members: Ernst-Karl, Ukulele soloist - Genre: Ukulele Christmas songs

Special recognition and appreciation:

ALL THE OTHER CONTRIBUTORS ARTISTS - Diverse Folk & Country musical contributions


I am wishing all the best to all of the artists and the organizers Cowgirls and Cowboys from Cowboy-Club Regensburg, and continue so with great success, in the future events too!


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